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10. Being a person of ACTION

The final piece on the new years series is about taking action and incorporating this trait into who you are.

It is similar to what I wrote about procrastination, but different. Good old laziness and fear are problems when it comes to taking action!

No one likes to think of themselves as lazy, but the fact is many of
us have gotten used to doing very little physical or mental activity outside of work. Fear is also holding many people back, but we will leave that for another day.

There’s only one cure for laziness, and that’s taking action! Getting
up off the couch and doing something!

It's amazing, but you will find once you start doing something and taking action your brain 'enjoys' the stimulation and you start to feel good!

A key trick is to dream big, but keep in mind where you’re
starting from. Trying to do too much at once will only lead to injury, discouragement and failure. So take small achievable and actionable steps.

Ask yourself what small thing can I do today to keep me on point of achieving my goal. It may be as simple as setting a reminder up, or putting out your running shoes ready for when you get home from work.

Whatever it is - do it!

As your habits form you will become a person of ACTION! These newly forming habits will help you keep your New Year’s resolution,
and will also improve your life in other great ways.

So what are you waiting for, go and take action! If you do you will be in the top 10 percent of people who keep and achieve their new year resolutions.

I hope you have enjoyed the series and have found it useful.

I will be compiling the series into a short ebook for download on the free counselling australia website soon.

Has it helped you?! Something I have missed? Let me know in a comment below.


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Let’s be real. Normal, thinking, well-adjusted people don’t love to hurt themselves, inflict pain, deprive themselves of #sleep, food, or enjoyment, or any number of negatives that may be associated with many New Year’s #resolutions we could make. Many can only focus on the negatives they see ahead including:

The #sacrifice,
The #pain,
The #struggle,
The inconvenience
The costs, etc.

They lose sight of the goal they’re striving to #achieve and focus instead on the perceived pleasures or comforts they’re missing out on.

These things can lead to discouragement and resentment, and finally to a feeling of #futility, or #doubt, and eventually to giving up on one’s New Year’s resolutions.

One way to combat this, is to stay focused on the end point,. your goal. Write your resolution down and keep it handy, where you can refer to it every day.

It’s your inspiration. It should come honestly from within yourself. Inspiration generated from within outperforms motivators from without every time.

We need to use positive reinforcements to keep us motivated, and to keep us going when we feel like quitting. There are many varieties of positive reinforcement, and you should experiment and see which ones are really right for you. Every person is so unique so find one that works for you.

Popular options include:

Possitive #affirmations - repeating your resolution throughout the day - eg “I’m healthy and fit at my ideal weight of 73 kilograms.” Often these are part of an audio program or something you remember and recite during your daily activities.

Vision board - create a vision of what your end goal looks like using cut out pictures from magazines & books or more likely online! Print it out or set it as your computers background to be reminded of your goal and "dream".

Milestone rewards - At certain checkpoints you set up rewards for yourself, maybe a new dress, maybe a holiday. Just be careful not to over do it and go backwards!

Today I also want to talk about resolution checkups.

Take the time to checkup on your plan occasionally or when you dont think things are going so well. This habit helps keep you motivated and focused; without it, it’s just too easy to forget your resolution when you get too busy or distracted.

Ask yourself how well you’re progressing toward your goal? Are you making progress? Are you stuck? This is the assessment part. Be honest with yourself. You’re the only one who knows the real truth and the only one who’s responsible for keeping your resolution and reaching your goals.

If you are stuck or think you are treading water you may need to come up with some ideas to help yourself or tweak your steps toward your goal. Look to your plan and supports and motivations as already discussed for clues on how you can stay on track.

Being honest with yourself and resourceful will help you to avoid creating an excuse to slow down or give up because “it’s hard.”

Perhaps you have suffered an injury or life has got in the way. Unfortunately life happens, but there’s no reason to give up entirely. Revisit your written resolution, and see if there’s a way to scale back. Keep baby-stepping in the right direction. Especially keeping the good habits going. The important thing is to keep making forward progress.

Lastly, during your checkup you may find you are awesome and well on track to succeeding you new year resolution! CONGRATULATIONS! You could even come up with newer goals to immediately start pursuing to really excel to a higher level!... Or just relax you, have earned it.

The next post will be about ACTION! - See you then.

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Feeling Heard

One thing I have come to look upon as almost universal is that when a person realises he has been deeply heard, there is a moistness in his eyes.  I think in some real sense he is weeping for joy.  It is as though he were saying, “Thank God, somebody heard me.  Somebody knows what it is like to be me.”  In such a moment, I have had the fantasy of a prisoner in a dungeon tapping out day after day a Morse code message “Does anybody hear me?  Is here somebody there?  Can anyone hear me?”  And, finally, one day he hears some faint tapping that spells out “yes”.  By that simple response he is released from his loneliness.  He has become a human again.  There are many, many, people living in private dungeons today, people who give no evidence of it whatsoever on the outside, where you have to listen very sharply to hear the faint message from the dungeon. Carl Rogers (Freedom to Learn (1969:224)